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Kinsey Family where are you?

A while back I visited a thrift store where I found a nice bagful of black and white photographs. I purchased the lot and used many of them here or there in different projects. Some I even sold on-line. But while going through the last bunch I noticed that they were a set of pictures from one family, the Kinsey family. I couldn’t get myself to discard or even separate the bunch.

On the recent death  of my grandmother, as I looked through my own family pictures,  I began to think; how long will I be remembered? At what point will pictures of my family and myself be tossed out. When is the connection to our parents, grandparents or great grandparents lost? Would my kids tell their kids about me? Would my grandkids keep a picture or two of me if only out of curiosity? Or would they feel indifferent and just toss them or donate them to strangers?

I have grown familiar with the smiles and the names on these pictures and decided to keep them alive for the sake of any Kinsey family member who may still be out there. I’ll be sharing those pictures on this blog. Together we can image what their life may have been like. 

So it is that I ask, Kinsey Family where are you?

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